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I-864ez, affidavit of support under section 213a of the act - uscis

Apply only if the sponsoring family has income that exceeds the financial resources of the immigrant, with the goal of obtaining sponsorship (1). This petition seeks a visa for the petitioner in order to sponsor for his wife and daughter, who have been residing with him and his family in Mexico. If successful, the petition's sponsor will be able to join his wife and daughter to live permanently in the United States. The sponsor has been continuously residing in a foreign country for six years. The sponsorship is not due to any illegal entry or unlawful activity. The petition sponsor will also provide substantial assistance to the citizen's family, as well as provide for their physical, and other living expenses while residing in the United States. The petition will also request that the following documents be provided to the embassy in Mexico: Photocopy of a passport or official Mexican visa with date.

form i-864ez, affidavit of support under section 213a of - uscis

You may also contact the USCIS by calling 800­366­3582. The USCIS will provide you with the appropriate instructions for using the Form I‐865 or  Form I‐867. This document gives you a legal right to register to vote when your status changes. It gives you the right and authority to vote and exercise the power of a voter. Please review this information sheet in conjunction with the instructions provided with it. There are other forms you can obtain that apply to you and your status, such as the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter Form. A list of states requiring a photo ID at the polls is here. This list is updated as information becomes available. If you want to ask the Commission what its plans are for making voting more convenient and easier for Americans, register to vote here .

form i-864ez, affidavit of support under section 213a of - uscis

Applicants (except students) for admission should be in full-time attendance for at least half the academic year preceding their filing date. Students should apply for the visa before they enter their last academic year of school. Students applying for the M-1 visa may be offered their visa only once, and only under circumstances where : 1. An exception was granted by USCIS for the student; and 2. The student was not already participating in a course at a US institution and was intending to enroll in such a course during the year of application. If you are not in compliance with the conditions above, you may be refused a nonimmigrant visa for immigration purposes. Fees and Payment The application fee is (130 for spouses, 50 for dependent children, and 30 for all other dependent applicants). The fee is nonrefundable (except if the petition is denied). The application fee must be paid by check or money order made payable to.

I-864, affidavit of support under section 213a of the ina - uscis

I-864A Contract Between. I-868EZ Filing the Form I-868 I-9, Citizen Petition for Alien. I-9, Citizen Petition for Alien. Form I-865A Application for Employment based on Form I-865. Employer's Authorization to Re-enter the United States at the time of filing the Form I-865A and in accordance with § 5 of Appendix H of the current edition of VILA Documentation, and at other times when the person is working or seeking employment. Note that the Department is not allowed to accept Form I-865A for employment-based petitions, but that an employer may use it for H-1B petitions as well as the work permit application. I-865A, Petitioner's Petition for Alien Relative; and I-865A, Dependent's Petition for Alien Relative, must have the same filing date, which is either 2/1/1994 or 2/1/1995. The other I-485 forms must be filed with the relevant I-864 documents. Form I-485A, I-769 .

Tips for filing form i-864ez, affidavit of support under section 213a

I submit the completed I-864 and USCIS response by email.   Posted by M.