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After how many days will the USCIS case status show updates? 1 week afterfilling my H1-B transfer in premium, I still see an "Error, check your receiptnumber" message.
USCIS processing in my family experience takes MONTHS. Not weeks. When afamily member applied for a Green Card renewal we applied almost a year inadvance. In speaking to USCIS personnel on the phone later in the process wefound there was a “normal” delay of several months. They then said that therewas an ADDITIONAL month on top of that. Due to heavy volume.Not to worry though. Once they actually take possession and log in yourdocument the clock stops so to speak. Be patient trying to reach them on thephone for incidentals. Last time I was on hold for over 45 minutes. It alsohelps to have a trusted friend or acquaintance who is fluent in English ifyou are not.I found the staff at USCIS were very helpful and can give you the info youwill need. Good luck
We continue to get the USCIS case status mail stating that the case is stillbeing reviewed even after our replacement green card application was processedand the card shipped. Is this unusual?
Lets put it this way USCIS is a hot mess now. The case status online doesnot correspond to the actual processing status and it is not uncommon to haveinaccurate notifications mailed to you. As long as you have your card you canrelax and enjoy your resident status.
Is it possible for the visa case status on the USCIS dashboard to be wrong ornever updated?
There is a possibility for errors. Ive seen errors where a case wasntupdated accordingly or where the case status said that the FNs petition wasapproved but instead an RFE was issued. If youre really worried give USCIS acall. Cheers Jackie from Bridge.US I am not a lawyer. Please dont take my opinions as legal advice
Does USCIS update your case status as something like "RFE Response Received"after it receives your RFE response for an H1B visa?
Yes USCIS updates each status of tye case in the site. They also mention thedate on which they received the response. I have not heard or read that USCISmissed updating the case any time. But do your research.
I'm an international student currently applying for OPT, but when I check mycase status, I only get "At this time USCIS cannot provide you withinformation for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 foradditional information." What should I do?
Putting together the OPT application package is easy compared to the wait youmust endure while USCIS is processing it.It can at this time take anywhere from two to five months to get an answerfrom them probably closer to 34 months.If you sent your OPT application in the last few weeks it may be that theyhavent even opened the envelope yet they will normally send you a noticesaying that theyve received it and are processing it once they do beginlooking at your application. At that point the notice online shouldacknowledge that it is being processed. So if its only been weeks I wouldwait a bit longer. If it has been over a month since you sent it I would callthe number provided and ask about it.If you included the Form G1145 their response to it should be the firstindication that they received it and its in process. If you included it andhavent heard back from USCIS by email then I would worry that its been lostin the mail.Call the number talk to a human and find out if its been received and whenthe case status indicator will be updated online. After that just sit backand wait and dont worry.
What does the USCIS status "case was received at my local office" mean?
Barring that you had previously received some sort of RFE it means that yourapplication packet has arrived to the office where you will go to beinterviewed. After arrival the case is sent to your case officer who willnow review it. “Now” is dependent on the backlog of cases but this isgenerally good news for you as it means that so far everything has gonesmoothly.By the way…....
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