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What is the latest news from USCIS regarding the H1B visa?
The latest H1B visa news that USCIS has ruled in a new policy mandating courthearing by an immigration judge for those whose petition for H1B visaextension has been rejected and who are staying in the US even after theextension denial. The new policy seems to empower USCIS officials to serve“Notices to Aear” to the individuals on grounds of unlawful stay in thecountry. Read it fully New Rules for H1B Visa Holders and Other ForeignNationals Post Visa Extension Denial
If there is going to be a problem with an H-1B extension petition (RFE ordenial), will the USCIS reach out to you sooner to give you enough time to dosomething about it or it will take the USCIS months to give an update even ifit’s bad news?
USCIS being a government organization do not give any preferential treatmentto any kind of application. The processing goes as in first come first servedmanner unless it is a priority handling request which jumps the regularqueue. But if there is a glitch and denial of an application do not expectany advanced notification. When your application’s turn comes and it getsprocessed you will be notified according to the procedure. Bad news or goodis not USCIS• concern.
There has been news about the CIS updating the H-1B visa to allow foreignersto start companies and work for them, but I could not find it on the USCISwebsite yet. Is this true?
There has been news about the• Where is this news coming from. There is asaying if you tell a lie and it makes its way thru the ether and comes back toyou you start believing it. This must be one of those cases. If you are soadamant about this piece of news pay about 100–200 to an immigrationattorney and have him or her search the newly minted changes for you to see ifsuch a thing exists. If it is not on USCIS website it probably is a hoax.
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