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Can a 21 year old submit an I-864 form to sponsor a parent for green cardwhile still a dependent of the other parent?
I do not have specific knowledge of US immigration law specifically but Ihave some knowledge of other countries• immigration rules the UK’s andAustralia’s in particular.In general terms any country in which you want to sponsor someone for animmigration visa will require you to submit proof that you have sufficientincome in order to afford to maintain them while they adjust to life in thenew country and find accommodation employment and all the basics such ashealth insurance and so on.The fact that you are still a dependent of your other parent and have nosource of income or significant savings to fulfill the financial requirementsof the visa application would pretty much disqualify you as a sponsor in yourcurrent situation.However depending on your other parent’s country of origin professionalbackground and own financial standing heshe may be able to apply on hisherown merits citing the need and desire to resume a family relationship withyou as a reason for wanting to resettle to the US.There may also be specific rules that allow some for some sort of limited visathat would allow your parent to join you in the US and work.You really need to consult an immigration lawyer on this and provide them withall the specifics so you can receive the best advice.I have taken the liberty to edit the question topics so that it will beexposed to people with more relevant qualifications than me but you reallyneed to seek professional advice. There may be a free immigration paralegalclinic in your area if you can’t afford to pay for legal advice.
Along with Form I-864, what other forms are necessary with Form I-130?
First of all I864 is not necessary with the I130. What supporting documents are needed for various types of relative petitionsare detailed in the I130 instructions. For example for a mother your birthcertificate. For a father you need your birth certificate and your parentsmarriage certificate. For a child you need their marriage certificate. For aspouse you need the marriage certificate evidence of bona fide marriageG325A for each of you and a photo for each of you. For all types you needproof of your U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.
What are the financial requirements for a green card sponsor (form I-864) in2018?
What are the requirements of being a sponsorIn order to meet the requirements as a sponsor the sponsor must be at least18 years old and meet certain income requirementsFinancial RequirementsTo qualify as a sponsor you must show that your annual income is at least125 of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. These guidelines are updated annuallyand are calculated according to household size.Search the USCIS website to see if you qualify. The 2022 guidelines willremain in affect until the 2022 ones are published.
Does my wife need to file ‘Form I-864• (affidavit of support)? She has herself-petition EB1A petition approved. She is applying for her change ofstatus.
No.An I864 Affidavit of Support is not needed for Adjustment of Status in anemploymentbased category unless the petitioning business is 5 or more ownedby the applicant’s family. Since this petition was not filed by a business anI864 Affidavit of Support is not needed.
When filling out form I-864 for a Fiance(e) Visa, what is the differencebetween doing (1) co-sponsorship and (2) including a house member in co-payment of the minimum financial requirement (i.e., attaching the form I-864ato I-864)?
You dont do I864 for a fiance visa. You do an I134.
Has USCIS updated the form I-864 and I-864A after July, 2022. The website onlyhas forms that have expired.
The “expiration date” is for government internal use only and has absolutelyno relevance to you the user.The only thing that matters for you is whether the edition of the form theedition date is on the bottom left of every page is currently being accepted.Which editions of each form are currently being accepted is listed on thewebpage for that form on the USCIS website. Sometimes editions that have been“expired” for many years are still being accepted. Sometimes editions that arestill several years away from “expiring” are no longer accepted. The latestedition is always accepted.
How should a petitioner fill in Part 5 Household Size of the form I-864Affidavit of support if he would like to sponsor 2 principal immigrants at thesame time? Each family has 4 members.
Each principal beneficiary and their family is petitioned with a separateI130 petition and each I130 petition has a separate I864 Affidavit ofSupport. Each family’s I864 does not count the other family in the “familymembers” in Part 3 note that it says “Do not include any relative listed on aseparate visa petition.”.If the two I864s are filed at the same time for the two families then eachfamily’s I864’s household size Part 5 would just count the number of peopleimmigrating in that family which is 4 item 1 the petitioner item 2 andthe petitioner’s spouse item 3 dependent children item 4 and other taxdependents item 5 if there are any. It would not count anyone from theother family.On the other hand if one I864 is filed for one family and that family hasalready immigrated before the second I864 is filed for the other family thenthe first family’s members will need to be counted in Part 5 item 6 peoplesponsored on Form I864 who are now lawful permanent residents for the secondfamily’s I864.
How do you prove that you’re not going to be a public charge during DVinterview? Which form is more appropriate is this case, I-34 or I-864?
Show up tell them you are looking for work in America and that you are veryhard working. Tell them that you are smart and qualified and can get any jobyou want and already have interviews. Give them a list of places you areapplying to work at and phone numbers of the manager there.
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