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Instructions and Help about how to fill USCIS I-864EZ

Today we saw how to fill out the application for neutralization or the USCIS form and 400 first of all you have to download the form and 400 from the website of USCIS then after open the form in a table every work equably older these are 20 pages in this form on the first page first part is only used for us cas you have to fill out the form with that black ink and some persons who are adopted by US citizens no need to fill out this form instead of you have to fill out the form and 600 the persons were adopted by your citizen and for 18 years that age of 18 years they are you have become the US citizen so no need to these kind of a children who are adopted by the US citizen are automatically our the information we provide from n 600 from the USA yes you are automatically become them here C is a US citizen now come on the part first of this application information about your eligibility okay what is the basis why you are just fill out this form first of all you have to fill out the your alien registration number in this box you have to find out your alien registration number on the back of your green card or permanent resident card or it is also present in your hammock current visa in your passport after fill out the station number you're coming on the basis on which you are submit this application on the reasons first reason first of all you have you are 18 years old okay then you are a lawful permanent and the first reason is you are a lawful permanent resident spent more than five years or at least five years in USA okay second reason is your lawful permanent resident and spend three years in the USA and your spouse is a US citizen and your marriage duration more than three years and your wife at the time of your marriage she is sitting US citizen more than three years then the third base is that you are a lawful permanent resident of United State and you are the spouse of a US citizen and your citizen spouse is actually engaged in a specific employment abroad and if you are as we shall address is outside the United States you are filing under Section three one nine B select the ucs field office from the list blow if someone the filing outside the you can say USA you have to select the office in which you are you want to be gave the interview okay just cause of you are not residing in the USA so you have to come in the USA and giving that interview so you have to choose the location in which you just gave in gone to bethe interview you see as a field office okay then the D option on.