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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When to file USCIS I-864EZ

Instructions and Help about When to file USCIS I-864EZ

Okay what's up guys good morning good evening this is nao and we'll come back in the channel and for today we are going to this cause or we'll do this step by step walkthrough support profiles on iOS or in my judgment of status if you or or if you came into the United States by a k1 fiancee visa your next step is the AOS or adjustment of status so first I'll show you or actually it's already showing this is the cover letter a cover letter so it says of course the name and then I am a human is my address and my quantum number impulse initiation which is simplified USCIS for AOS is that they have different the Tres who support dependence of Pony for failure so for AOS I have to send it to Chicago Illinois I'm going to post then cool if a Makeba so if you're going to use the FedEx or UPS for your filing ah here's the address one one three 1000 born trip for Chicago Illinois so but the Grammys been a regular mail I think it will address then but don't worry I'm going to post it give us a link then or I'm going to put it somewhere there to screen and then n matrix submission I four eight five immediate relative response family based attachment status then I'm also filing my application for employment authorization which is a form seven six five and then for advanced for all its form one three one so basically deficit doesn't meet my concern my name Music enter the United States of America with a given B selection where I drink in 2022 and then I also indicate the my voice my paw what I call that my point of entry my port the century and I am now playing for judgment discover space and marriage to which is my wife my first US citizens we were married on January 25th 2022 I took County Illinois and then I would like to apply for us EAD and eighteen please find enclosed forms I've for a 5/8 6-4 7-6 5 in 1 3 1 the corresponding supporting documents and sub pocket folder and then on the next page okay on the next page is it says here yes yes application to register permanent resident of it's just a boost or a chest at this I'm sorry so the first pocket goal which is some form packet form i-485 and I'm sorry I'm not used to this I mean more blogging fellows the step-by-step little bear with me ah here is the first pocket form i-485 application to register permanent residents or adjustment of status so in this pocket inside is the inside is the payment in the amount of 1225 u.s. dollars payable to US Department of Homeland Security young including new biometrics my $85 and then my form g-1145 former I for a 5 and then to passport visa.


I was previously married in the USA. When filing the I-864EZ for bringing a spouse into the country, what constitutes sufficient evidence of divorce?
While I’m not familiar with the specific requirements that Immigration wants to see to prove a divorce, in general the gold standard in the US to prove a divorce is a certified copy of the decree of dissolution from a court of competent jurisdiction. For a divorce finalized in a US court, it is highly unlikely that any substitute for a certified copy of the decree of dissolution will be accepted as adequate proof.You should be able to request a certified copy of the decree through distance communication (postal mail, email, telephone, or possibly even the Internet). Most clerks of court have mechanisms for requesting certified copies of legal documents without physically visiting the courthouse. Be prepared to pay a modest fee.
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